Termite Inspections in Montgomery, AL

Termite Inspection 1st STEP

Termites begin their infestation process by sending out winged adults from a successful colony during springtime in order to start a new one. One thing that may be a sign of infestation is finding many of these around your house or yard or seeing a group of these flying ant-like insects clustered around a window trying to get out.

During a termite inspection, we will check out all of the accessible locations of your home for the signs and conditions of termite infestation.

The conditions for possible/future termite infestation include: 

  • Standing water on the roof
  • Pooling water near the foundation
  • Wood mulch close to your foundation
  • Wooden deck supports in contact with the soil

A termite inspector will look over the typical entry points and common hot spots for termite activity. These include the lowest level of the house, basement, foundation, crawlspace, and accessible attics.

The visible signs of termite infestation include: 

  • Wood Damage
  • Mud Tubes
  • Discarded Wings
  • Termite Exit Holes

If there is evidence of termite activity in places that are not accessible, the inspector will plan to use special equipment for a more thorough inspection.

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